Day Program

    My Camp is committed to ensuring quality of life for all supported by My Camp. My Camp takes the time to identify each individual's wants, needs, likes and dislikes to ensure that they are living the life they want to lead.

    My Camp desires that everyone be able to maximize their capabilities and live life to the fullest, living, learning, loving and laughing all along the way.

    My Camp began as a day program for individuals with disabilities in 1975. In 1998 it expanded to the Individualized Supported Living Program. My Camp is a non-profit agency located in Uniontown, Missouri. At My Camp the individual is the priority. The agency exists to provide the most effective support for each individual. Services are individualized to each person through a personal plan with emphasis being on each individuals abilities and strengths. My Camp strives to ensure that all persons are given the opportunity to live, learn, love and laugh.



My Camp
1622 Hwy A
Uniontown, Mo 63783